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Welcome to our Database of Reference and Teaching Material for the Subject of Ethics!

We at The CTO hope this resource for ethical teaching material is of great help to the construction industry. This isn't meant to be a flashy or otherwise eye-catching web page, it is quite simply a compilation of resources to help educators, both at the University and Professional levels, incorporate the topic of ethics into more of their curriculum.

This is a preliminary list that we truly hope continues to grow as more and more people throughout the construction industry provide contributions.

Please note that this is, and will continue to be, a selective and manageable list. Bland, vague and boilerplate documents will not be incorporated into this database. Also, when multiple documents containing essentially the same material are encountered, the better of the documents is included in this list.

Codes of Ethics:

Bogard Construction Code of Ethics
The Contractors's perspective. This code of ethics is short, to the point and very well written. It is not vague, boilerplate or bland, as many corporate codes of ethics tend to be. 
(Bogard has no connection to CAP and this example was discovered via a random internet search. There are no sponsored examples on this site.)

CMAA Ethics Policy
The Construction Manager's perspective.

National Society of Professional Engineers
The Engineer's perspective.

U.S. DOT Federal Highway Division Code of Ethics Model
The Government's perspective. This is a generic, fill-in-the-blank document that would work well for a student project in which they are directed to develop a mock company ethics program.


An Introduction to Ethics for Project Managers
An excellent paper written specifically for the teaching of ethics.

Breeding Ethics into the Construction Industry
A "call to arms" for Professors around the world to set the moral compass of their students in the right direction prior to sending them off into the corrupt world of business.

Construction Industry Faces Ethical Challenges, Exec Says
A synopsis of the current ethical problem plaguing the construction industry.

Line Items in a Budget ARE NOT Just Numbers on a Piece of Paper
This article discusses the numbness people tend to develop with regard to money when the money is A) not their own and B) represented simply as a line item in a budget.

Make Ethics a Cornerstone of Your Construction Practice
This short article contains a list of good management practices for ensuring an ethical culture is maintained in a company.

Manipulating the Definition of Ethics
A fairly aggressive article that addresses how people in all industries tend to establish their own ethical beliefs in contradiction to true ethical behavior in order to suite their own self-interests. 


Construction Management: Understanding and Leading an Ethical Project Team
This book is an expose of the construction industry and consists of many-many real life examples of unethical acts that have become commonplace in the construction industry.

Design Build Essentials
This book has been included as an ethical resource due to it's focus on Integrated Project Delivery. IPD fosters a team atmosphere, and a team atmosphere is paramount to ethical relationships among the various project team members, from the owner to the laborer in the field.

Engineering, Business and Professional Ethics
A good resource on the subject of ethics.

Ethics for the Built Environment
A good resource on the subject of ethics.

The Ethical Engineer
A good resource on the subject of ethics.

The collection of Case Studies, Articles, Books, Videos, Role Play Exercises and other material suitable for teaching Ethics at both the University and Professional levels is an ongoing and never ending effort. We are always looking for more material to add to this list, so if there is any material you believe would be well suited to this forum you are encouraged to submit it to

Unless there is a price directly attributed to an item on this web page, all material provided on this page will be free to any and all who wish to download it. Likewise, no material will be purchased. The goal of this page is as a collaborative forum for sharing material among University Professors and Industry Professionals alike. This page will provide the ammunition we need to teach and promote ethics in all facets of the Construction Industry.