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The CTO will help you get set-up with a Learning Management System, compile a Library of courses and implement On-Line Training for your company.

We're in the business of
A Six Minute Description of The CTO's Approach to Implementing On-Line Training
Providing EFFICIENT Training For The Construction Industry

The CTO is making On-Line Learning an Affordable Reality for your Company

We have teamed with Lowther7 and several other top industry professionals to make On-Line Learning a Staple in the Construction Industry. We'll take you from concept to implementation.

The TOP FIVE Keys to Implementing On-Line Training

1) Keep it simple - Your Learning Management System should be very intuitive.

2) Grow into your system - Developing your library of courses will take some time. It's about quality, not quantity.

3) Keep it affordable - You don't need to pay 5-figure bills for development of each course.

4) Avoid Cookie-Cutter Systems - Each course needs to be viewed independently with regard to which delivery and development methods make the most sense.

5) Construction Training needs to be developed by Construction Professionals - Courses should not be developed solely by software engineers, a seasoned Construction Executive needs to be heavily involved.