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The contents of Construction Management: Understanding and Leading an Ethical Project Team can be specially tailored to suit the needs of each individual professor. 

We provide individual, customized, booklets prepared to your specification in a collaborative effort to efficiently and effectively mesh the contents of this book with your lesson plans. Jason specifically formats his books to not only accommodate this customization, but to make it easy as well.

We do not want universities to alter their curriculum or professors to make significant changes to their lesson plans. - What we do want is to compliment and help you develop further improvements to your overall curriculum and individual lesson plans.

First, it is important to understand how Jason's books are formatted, although it's a simple explanation. Each chapter consists of 1) an introduction, 2) numbered examples, and 3) chapter questions. Please refer to this example of the Subcontractors Chapter from his Ethics book. (This link will open in a separate window so you can refer to it as you review the following steps.)

The steps to customization are as follows:
A) Review the book and choose which of the numbered examples you would like included in your customized booklets.
B) Use our simple Customization Form to list your customization requests. At this point your part is done, it's that easy.
C) We will prepare a booklet comprised of the 1) introductions from requested chapters, 2) requested examples, and 3) chapter questions.
- Notably, each booklet also includes the preface, table of contents and index, as well as the other front and back end material. This is a standard practice.
- These booklets are professionally prepared from the original edited manuscript. They will not consist simply of pdf's from the book pages.

The costs are as follows:
A) Preparation of the customized booklet will be completed for a one time fee of $450. This fee must be provided prior to preparation of the custom booklet.
B) One booklet is included in the preparation fee.
C) The cost of the booklets will vary based upon the quantity of material requested.
- The per booklet cost will be provided before any customization work is performed. The Instructor will be asked for an authorization to proceed after this cost is provided and prior to The CTO performing any customization work. The $450 fee will be fully refundable if the Instructor opts not to customize the booklets and does not provide an authorization to proceed. In fact, it is perfectly acceptable for the Instructor to withhold the check until this pricing is confirmed.


For more information please feel free to contact us at