Jason G. Smith, CCM, LEED AP
With an extensive background as a Builder, Jason G. Smith has constructed projects ranging from $10,000 to $800,000,000 throughout his career. During his career with a Top Ten Prime Contractor Jason rose quickly through the ranks to Senior Management on multiple high profile projects. Known for his expertise as a Builder, Jason has been welcomed by Architects, Contractors and Owners alike at the forefront of the design effort bringing expertise in constructability to the team.

As a true “Leader” he has also taken on additional responsibilities of varying capacity as the Superintendent, Owners Representative and various other roles. Through this experience a true understanding and appreciation for the different perspectives of the various project team members has developed.

Bringing together a superior knowledge of construction means & methods and an understanding & appreciation for the different perspectives of the various project team members Jason founded Construction Analysis and Planning, LLC as the premier Constructability Consulting Firm in the nation.

Shortly after founding CAP, Jason set out on a new mission to distribute experience and knowledge throughout the industry. To accomplish this lofty goal he wrote several books packed full of examples and critical information. 
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Here are a few of Jason's recent Articles:
Manipulating the Definition of Ethics
Meant to get the blood boiling, this article addresses how people tend to twist, bend and manipulate their own ethical beliefs to suit their own financial purposes. Unlike most of Jason's articles, this one is not construction specific.

Breeding Ethics into the Construction Industry
This article addresses the importance of teaching ethics at the University level, before "Corporate America" ever gets a chance to corrupt the future leaders of the Construction Industry.

The Importance of a Constructability Review
This article might be of help in convincing Owners, Architects, Contractors and other Project Team members to allocate the time and money necessary to perform a comprehensive Constructability Review.

Performing Effective Constructability Reviews
This article helps answer the frequently asked question "where do I start?". Of course the necessary expertise to perform a thorough and comprehensive Constructability Review cannot be conveyed in just a few pages (or even a few thousand pages), this article will help you get off to a good start.

Miscellaneous Metals: What Needs to be Reflected in the Design Documents - AND WHY
Change order requests for miscellaneous metals are both very common and very contentious. This short article helps clarify the dividing line between the design work of the architect and the design work of the miscellaneous metals subcontractor.

Line Items in a Budget ARE NOT Just Numbers on a Piece of Paper
Estimates, budgets, change orders and other documents representing money need to be treated as the money they represent. Those numbers represent cash, but people in all industries (not just ours) tend to lose focus on that fact primarily because it's not their own personal cash. The only exception to this trend tends to be owners of companies and projects, as those numbers do in fact represent THEIR money.